Everything is produced and recorded by a professional team of musicians and producers in Berlin. The creative head of the company is Reinmar Henschke, a versatile, nationally and internationally successful artist who has been active in the musician and studio scene for a long time. He is on the road with many projects in the field of jazz, and among other things as a sideman with the Ulla Meinecke Band, the Nina Hagen Band, with Katja Ebstein as well as at readings with Richy Müller. He has composed film music for ARD television films, numerous documentaries and image films for the business world.

…and he has a meanwhile 9 year old son, whose heartbeats inspired him to write a song exactly 9 years ago. The feedback from friends and acquaintances was great with the recommendation: Others would like that too!

The idea was on ice for a long time. Due to the current situation is currently time to be creative, and the desire to finally bring this project to the start has taken shape!